Training obstacle inSPORTline CF100 30 cm suitable for various workouts. One or more obstacles can be used during explosive power building. Moreover, exercising can increase your persistence. It is suitable for recreational athletes, but not exclusively. Its excellent qualities will surely be appreciated by professional coaches who train their charges. They are often used during circuit training which gets more popular now. This product has a durable steel frame and special coating against abrasions.

Technical parameters:

  • Explosive Power Building and higher persistence
  • Indoor and outdoor using
  • Suitable for circuit training
  • Special coating against abrasion
  • Dimensions: width 50 x height 30 cm
  • Material: steel
  • Bar diameter: 2 cm
  • Price for 1 piece
Svoris 0.700000 kg
Išmatavimai 57.000000 × 22.000000 cm



Bar diameter