The Yoga Stretch Roller Wheel inSPORTline Jovy is an excellent yoga/stretching accessory. It makes the more difficult stretching exercises easier, helping you improve the flexibility of your muscles. Its round shape uses the shape of your body to provide maximum support during the more difficult positions. Less experienced users need to feel safe to be able to do the exercise properly, especially during bends. The soft rubber foam on the outside is pleasant to touch. Repeated use of this roller wheel may help relieve sore muscles.

However, the Yoga Stretch Roller Wheel inSPORTline Jovy is suitable not only for yoga. Runners and all kinds of other athletes, who need to stretch their muscles before a race, can also use it to push their muscles beyond their limits. Moreover, this roller wheel can also be used for back stretching, especially if you spend most of your days in an office. Even a short exercise with this roller wheel will help relieve your back muscles. The Yoga Stretch Roller Wheel inSPORTline Jovy is a versatile accessory which will come in handy during yoga classes as well as suring your living room workout.

Technical description:

  • Effective stretching accessory
  • Can be used to stretch muscles in entire body
  • Soft rubber surface
  • Suitable for yoga and everyday exercise
  • Excellent accessory for stretching after spending entire day at desk
  • Provides support during difficult positions
  • Gradual stretching of muscles with massaging effect
  • Material: ABS (hard plastic), TPE (soft rubber foam)
  • Diameter: 32cm
  • Width: 13cm
  • Weight: 1.2kg
Svoris 1.200000 kg
Išmatavimai 33.000000 × 33.000000 cm