A lamp with an electronic insect trap that uses light with ultra-violet rays to effectively attract flying insects (eg flies, moths, moths, mosquitoes and more). The insect is killed by an electric current after contact with a metal network under high voltage. The device does not use any chemicals, it works odorless and without pollution.

The device is suitable for use at home, in the garden, in a campsite, but also in restaurants and canteens, offices, hospitals, etc. The device can be placed on a table or hung by a folding hook.

SMD LEDs with a luminous flux of 70 lm powered by a Li-Ion 18650 battery are used for normal lighting. The enclosed micro USB cable is intended for charging. The device has an IPX4 degree of protection.

The control is solved on the top side of the device. Using the two touch buttons, the trap and lighting can be controlled separately. The lamp has a diameter of 90 and a height of 145 mm with a weight of 230 g.

Svoris 0.400000 kg
Išmatavimai 0.000000 × 0.000000 cm



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